committed to environmentally sensitive materials

Lead Designer

Charlie:  Lead Designer 
and Colour Specialist  

Charlie’s passion for colour and textures began in the early 80’s as an award winning make-up artist. She realized her skill set was transferable to interior design and in 2001 she began to apply that passion to design.

Charlie has worked on commercial and residential design projects providing colour coordination, texture, and flow in styles ranging from French Chic to Ultra Modern.  Charlie believes  one of the most important aspects of development is listening to the clients direction  and works with an eye to budget considerations for the long-term functionality of the project.

Taking her work to another level she studied style coaching and began work to combine the architectural design with the personality of her client. 

Charlie has been most effective when she consults with the client  at the being a part of any project where she can transform client input into renderings so the client is able to see their vision of the finished project on paper or electronically.